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Dr. Vimolwan Yukongdi

Associate Professor and Faculty Director of MBA Program

Phone: (66-2) 524-8319

Office: SOM Room 209

Country: Thailand

Expertise: Leadership, Women in Management, Diversity Management, Entrepreneurship



  • Leadership

  • Women in management in Asia

  • Work teams

  • Cross-cultural management

  • Entrepreneurship


Dr. Vimolwan Yukongdi is Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior & Leadership and Faculty Director of MBA program in the School of Management.    She is the recipient of the Dean's Commendation for Teaching Excellence for SM80.59 Strategic Human Resource Management (2020) and AIT’s Distinguished Teacher Award 2016 which recognizes “outstanding achievement in teaching and pedagogical development.”  She is also the co-author of a research paper that won Best Paper Award in 2015 (SIBR, 2015).

Dr. Yukongdi holds a Ph.D. degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of Melbourne, Australia.  She has held academic appointments in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.  She relocated to Australia in 1993 and was teaching overseas, initially in New Zealand and subsequently in Australia where she remained until 2012.  She has held full-time academic appointments at several universities, including Griffith University, Massey University, University of Melbourne, University of Newcastle, among others, and has been adjunct DBA supervisor at University of South Australia.

Her research work has appeared in books, journals, and conference proceedings.  She is the joint editor of research-based books, The Changing Face of Women Managers in Asia and Women in Asian Management.  Her research interests are in leadership, participative decision-making, teams, cross-cultural management, entrepreneurship, diversity management and women in management in Asia.  She currently serves on the Editorial Board of Asia Pacific Business Review.  Dr. Yukongdi has worked at ExxonMobil and as consulting manager in the consulting industry. She has lived in nine countries, including Australia, Denmark, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Thailand, and USA.

Image by Mimi Thian


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