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  • The business world faces a major transformation.

Consumers, employees, governments, and regulators all expect companies to show that they act ethically and respect people and the planet in their pursuit of profit. Business investments that prioritize social innovation, equity, and practical action have reached 700 billion US dollars, in 2021, in step with a surge in regulatory incentives. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards are key differentiators.

  • The search is on for ESG professionals with understanding and skills.

More and more ESG professionals are needed to steer corporate decision- making towards responsible profits. ESG management is emerging as a portfolio practical approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) values, and Sustainability principles, viewed from a Risk Management Perspective.


  • More ESG professionals are needed than are available.

500,000 new ESG jobs are expected this decade. From entry-level data and compliance documentation to responding to process-level challenges confronting business growth for managing risk in the boardroom.


  • PM-ESG prepares professionals for in- demand ESG roles.


ESG careers are opening in risk management, strategic planning, policy analysis, social impact, and business innovation. PM-ESG is offered by the AIT School of Management in collaboration with the Yunus Centre, AIT's ESG hub. Students earn a master's qualification without having to interrupt their careers. PM-ESG is attractive for employees because they can invest in building the ESG capacity of key management and staff, without having to displace employees

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PM-ESG is a 30-credit program that full-time students can complete in one academic year. To graduate, students complete eight 3-credit course modules and a 6-credit practicum and final project. Module topics are chosen for relevance to emerging ESG trends, strategic value for employers, and practical applicability to real-life challenges. Modules are available as in- house corporate workshops.

PM-ESG attracts working professionals from multinational retail, manufacturing, and extractive industries, international and national NGOs, the UN system, consulting firms, and grassroots development organizations.

PM-ESG's flexible weekend format remains popular. PM-ESG capitalizes on AIT’s hybrid multi-modal teaching model that combines online and in-class instruction with extensive practical exposure. With over 40 nationalities represented on campus, AIT offers an unmatched international learning environment.

PM-ESG is a transportable ESG qualification against which employers can standardize the recruitment of ESG professionals. An AIT degree is a recognized asset within the region and beyond. Compared to peer offerings, PM-ESG scores high for competitiveness, value-for-money, ease of access, and internationality.


PM-ESG's curriculum is built on the foundations of risk management, organizational sustainability, innovation leadership, and social impact, augmented by direct practical exposure and case-based peer learning facilitated by experienced practitioners drawn from AIT alumni and the Yunus Academia Network worldwide.

PM-ESG is taught by teaching teams comprising academic faculty and industry executives. All 8-course modules are compulsory, carrying 30 hours of contact time, each. The 6-credit Practicum culminates in the Final Project, in which students design an implementable ESG solution for their company or institution.


  • Evidence of English language proficiency, which includes the AIT English Language Test (online) or IELTS at 6.0 or above. Further details of AITs language requirements can be found at:

  • Bachelor’s degree with CGPA above 2.75, and a minimum of 3 years of appropriate work experience.

  • Candidates without Bachelor's degree may be considered if they demonstrate 10+ years of work experience.


Tuition & Registration (inclusive)*

  • Full PM-ESG as a regular program: USD 16,500, payable in 1, 3, or 5 installments

  • Each module can be taken as a professional workshop: USD 1,800, payable upon registration

  • Practicum-only option: USD 3,600, payable upon registration


*Payable in Thai Baht, exchange rates may vary

Competitive Tuition Scholarships for eligible applicants, organizational nominees, and groups.

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