The Ph.D. program at the School of Management is committed to advanced studies and research by candidates who will devote themselves to academic and research activities in universities and research centers across Asia. The Ph.D. program caters to the needs of the educational institutions in Asia and personalities who want to open up an academic career. It is thus ideally suited for the development of educators and education administrators. With its Ph.D. program AIT offers universities in Thailand and around Asia a unique opportunity for faculty development. Universities and research institutions who send their faculty or staff members to AIT take advantage of the PhD program’s emphasis on excellence in research, teaching and education management in Asia. Participation of universities’ faculty in the PhD program encourages and supports the upgrading, extending and enriching of the home institute’s or future employing institute’s undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as their research activities. AIT strives to accommodate specific needs of all universities with specific arrangements.


Besides acquiring a well-recognized, reputable research degree, during their academic venture at AIT Ph.D. students tap into the School’s unique international resources. The school has a rich, diverse community from around the world; the PhD students can draw on a cross-cultural faculty from multiple disciplines. They study and work together in a classroom of international students and they learn to support to each other. Teamwork and collaboration is fostered, and this companionship can be part of the academic network that is so vital for research-oriented academic. Also, AIT Ph.D. students gain access to an extensive alumni network around the world.