The degree of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is intended to provide further preparation and skills for working professionals to reenter industry upon graduation. Both educational qualifications and work experience are taken into consideration for admission to the DBA program.

Entry Requirements:

  1. Completion of DBA application form (apply online)
  2. Completion of a Bachelor’s degree at accredited institution with strong academic records and submission of academic transcript and certificate of degree. A master’s degree from recognized institution prior to entry to the DBA is preferred. However, if one does not have a master’s degree prior to entry to the DBA, eligibility will be based on their professional experience and equivalent qualifications.
  3. It is recognized there is variation among grading systems in regions of the world. There is a minimum of 2.75/4.0 GPA from undergraduate degree (no candidates will be admitted below this minimum) required for the DBA. The average GPA for the DBA entering class in 2018 is projected to be much higher than this minimum at 3.25/4.0.
  4. Five years of prior work experience is preferred. We expect most DBA candidates will enter with at least five years of work experience but some highly qualified DBA candidates may enter with fewer. And we expect most DBAs in fact will be accumulating additional work experience while in the program.
  5. One Letter of Recommendation is required prior to enrolment. Candidate may submit either the one-page standard recommendation form. Alternatively, the referee may write letter and send to the Admissions Office by email.
  6. All candidates must have evidence of English proficiency.