Prof. Ashutosh

Adjunct Faculty

Affiliation: Independent Consultant in Institutions and Organizations/ Former Director of Pearl School of Business, India

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Country: India

Expertise: Organisation Studies, Organisation Development, Indigenous Management, Process Work, Organisation Theory, Qualitative Methods, Systems Theory

Degrees: PhD in Management, University of Pune, India (1993); MMS, J. Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, University of Mumbai, India (1973); B Com, University of Pune, India (1971)

Courses: –


  • Indigenous Management,
  • Process Work
  • Organisation Theory


Academic positions

  • PSB: Director, 2009-2010; Advisor, 2005-2009
  • IMDR Director, 1989-2005; Lecturer, 1982-1989
  • Guest faculty at National Insurance Academy, Tata Management Training Centre, Indian School of Business, Samatvam Academy
  • Guest faculty at ALJ Graduate School of Business, University of West Indies, Trinidad.2012
  • Mentor, PGCHE of Nottingham Trent University, UK at PAF, New Delhi 2006-7


  • Learning Luminary Award of Learning and OD Roundtable, Asia, 2016


Journal Articles:

1. MBA’s – Swollen heads, spindly limbs? South Asian Journal of Management, Hyderabad, 1996 (Co-authored)

2. UK and Indian Managers’ Ethical Awareness – Journal of Personnel Studies, London, 2002 (co-authored)

3. Facets of Societal and Organisational Cultures and Managers’ Work Related Thoughts and Feelings – Psychology & Developing Societies, Jan 2004 (co-authored)

4. Rediscovering Indigenous Management – Symbiosis Journal, silver jubilee issue, Pune, 2004

5. Native Marketing: a paradigm for market innovation – IMED Journal of Management & Social Research, Pune, July 2008.

6. Why Leaders Derail: Sattva, Samatvam Academy, Gurgaon, 2013


1. A Supervisor speaks….IMDR, Pune

2. Five starred. IMDR, Pune

3. Garments from Bangladesh, PSB, Gurgaon

4. Parth’s dilemma, PSB, Gurgaon

Conference Articles:

1. Evolution of HRD in Third World Countries, National Insurance Academy, Pune, India 1999.

2. Report on Organizational Capabilities through Project Implementation, Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation, 2005.

3. Life after VRS, a qualitative research study for MCCIA, Pune, 2004

4. Behavioural competencies for start-up Entrepreneurs, Global Business Management Forum, New Delhi, 2008

Other writing

1. Open the Door, dear Brother: Translation of Sant Muktabai’s Taatiche Abhang, Dec 2011, Pune

2. Sohbat: Verses in honour of Jelaluddin Rumi, December 2011, Pune

3. On a Blank Page, August 2015

4. MeeTu, August 2016