The AIT School of Management offering the top ranking MBA in Thailand. The MBA curriculum is a comprehensive program designed to provide conceptual, analytical and personal skills to help prepare participants to be effective managers in an international business environment. It is interdisciplinary, combining elements from engineering, economics, social psychology, and management fields.

Our MBA program encourages participative learning and uses a variety of interactive learning methodologies so that the students are able to learn latest management concepts, techniques, and tools, and more importantly, to develop skills and attitude of listening and understanding others, holistic thinking, collective decision making, communicating and negotiating.


Besides acquiring a well-recognized, reputable research degree, during their academic venture at AIT Ph.D. students tap into the School’s unique international resources. The school has a rich, diverse community from around the world; the PhD students can draw on a cross-cultural faculty from multiple disciplines. They study and work together in a classroom of international students and they learn to support to each other. Teamwork and collaboration is fostered, and this companionship can be part of the academic network that is so vital for research oriented academic. Also, AIT Ph.D. students gain access to an extensive alumni network around the world.

Program Goals

  • To develop managers with an international perspective who can manage strategically in order to ensure organisational competitiveness and growth in a dynamic technological and business environment.
  • Offer opportunities to learn in a multinational and multicultural environment;
  • Develop an understanding of and ability to apply modern management techniques;
  • Develop relevant competencies in identifying, understanding, analyzing and effectively solving the management challenges and problems in both public and private organizations;
  • Offer international and multi-cultural exposures to various management systems and experiences, through our access to excellent international networks of partner institutions in Europe, America and, Asia;