IEMBA is 36 credits taught the program in a modular style with content designed to develop Inter-cultural, Analytical Decision-Making, Business Process, and Organizing competencies.

A Modular Approach

Complete Within 18-48 Months We offer an adaptable study plan; students can complete within just 18 months or take a longer journey.

Taught By World-Class Faculty

The content of the program is taught by faculty with high levels of executive experience. Many are also faculty at the highest-ranked EMBAs in the world and are flown into Bangkok to deliver classes.

Target Audience
28-45 years of age with experience of making decisions at a management or early-career executive level.

Course Content

 Analytical Approaches to Uncertainty
 Corporate finance in a Global Context
 Operations and Supply Chain Management
 Family Business
 Strategic Marketing
 Social Impact Innovation
 Sustainable Entrepreneurship
 Negotiation and Deal-Making
 Advanced Leadership Coaching
 New Venture Discovery
 International Growth Strategy
 Consumer Psychology
 Valuation & Investment
 Wealth Management
 Managing Infrastructure Projects
 Technology Strategy

China Study Options
A one-week study trek takes place to two hi-tech hubs
ASEAN Study Options
Depending on the geographical concentration of each intake, duplicate courses will be held in both Bangkok and cities such as Yangon and Ho Chi Min City

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