Dr. Jon Shaw

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliation: Executive Director, AIT Extension

E-mail: –

Office: –

Country: U.K.

Expertise: Educational Development, Curriculum Innovation and Change, Teaching and Learning Practices, Educational Research Methods

Degrees: PhD in International Development, Institute of Education, University of Sussex, UK (2002); Diploma in Teaching English Overseas, Manchester University, UK (1986); Postgraduate Certificate of Education, Manchester University, UK (1985); Bachelor of Laws, Law King’s College, University of London, UK (1982)

Courses: –


Academic positions

  • AIT, AIT Extension: Director, July 2011 – present; Executive Director, October 2005 – June 2011; Regional Resource Center for Asia and the Pacific, Deputy Director, April 2011 – present; Faculty member: AIT Extension (October 2001 – June 2003) Center for Language and Educational Technology (July 1993 – September 2001) Language Center (June 1989 – June 1993), June 1989 – June 2003
  • Bell Language Institute, London, UK, Instructor, July 1988-June 1989
  • First Medical University Shanghai, People’s Republic of China Language Teacher/Program Developer August 1986-June 1988
  • University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, Manchester, UK, Instructor June 1986-August 1986
  • Boys’ Upper Secondary Schools Ministry of Education, Sudan, Secondary School Language Teacher, June 1983-May 1985

Nonacademic positions

  • AIT, AIT Extension: Senior Training Specialist and Program Director, June 2003 – October 2005


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