Dr. George Hylden

Visiting Faculty

Affiliation: Visiting academic positions at universities in Singapore, China and Thailand; and Founder of www.finbor.com & www.capitalambassador.com

E-mail: –

Office: SOM Room 234

Country: U.K.

Expertise: Innovation, Strategy & Organization

Degrees: PhD in Management Studies, University of Cambridge, UK (2013); MPhil in Innovation, Strategy & Organization, University of Cambridge, UK (2007); BSc in Management, University of London, UK (2006) Graduate Alumnus, Bendheim Center for Finance, Princeton University, New Jersey, USA (2010)

Courses: –


  • Strategy: Strategy Formulation & Execution and Business Model Innovation
  • International Business: Comparative Studies of Business in Asia and the West
  • Management & Innovation: Novel Management Approaches in Asia and the West
  • Global Economics & Finance: Economic and Financial Systems in Asia and the West
  • Research Methodology: Novel Combinations of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodology
  • Case Studies: Case Study Research, Writing and Presentation
  • “Strategy & Business Model Innovation – New Avenues for Academic Research and Business Practice”, Research in progress.
  • “International Business in Asia and the West – Principles, Paradigms and Practice”, Research in progress.
  • “Managing Innovation and Innovating Management – The Two-in-One Revolution”, Research in planning.
  • “Case Studies on Business in Asia and the West”, Research in progress in collaboration with the Centre for Management Practice, Singapore Management University.


Academic positions

  • University of Nottingham, Nottingham University Business School China, Assistant Professor (Invited Visiting), 2013 – 2016
  • Singapore Management University, Office of the President, Visiting Scholar, 2010/2011
  • Princeton University, Bendheim Center for Finance, hosted by Prof. Markus Brunnermeier, Visiting Scholar, 2010
  • University of Sydney, Faculty of Economics and Business, hosted by Prof. Michael McKenzie, Visiting Scholar, 2009/2010

Teaching positions

  • University of Nottingham, Assistant Professor, 2013 2016
  • Singapore Management University, Consultant, 2013
  • Judge Business School, University of Cambridge,  2009


Academic Research Papers:

“The Business Model in Business Academia and Business Practice – One and a Half Sides of the Same Coin: The Whence and Whither of a Management Paradigm” (Completed Working Paper for submission to Journal of Management Studies).

“Innovating Business Model Innovation: Business Model Innovation Squared (BMI)2” (Completed Working Paper for submission to Long Range Planning).

“The Business Model and Business Model Innovation in Strategic Management Theory” (Work in Progress for submission to Academy of Management).

Practitioner Research Papers:

(2016) “The New Face of Business Model Innovation”, Asian Management Insights, 3(1): 42-49.

“The Two Faces of Business Model Innovation: Technology and Business Model Invention ‘Made in the USA’ vs. Business Model Transplantation and Profits ‘Made in China’ ” (Completed Working Paper).

“Business Model Innovation Squared: (BMI)2– Don’t just innovate your Business Model – innovate the way you innovate your Business Model!” (Work in Progress).

“Rethinking Business Model Innovation in the Digital Information Age – How Declining Pricing Powers and Near Zero Marginal Costs render the traditional Business Model an Anachronistic Paradox” (Work in Progress).

Case Studies:

with Hwang, S. (2013) “Sussing out Sustainability: The Case of Singapore’s Property Developers” Singapore Management University Case Centre, Case: SMU-13-0021 and Teaching Note: SMU-13-0021TN.

with Zerrillo, P. (2014) “Tropdicorp: One Bug’s Enemy is Another Man’s Friend” Singapore Management University Case Centre, Case: SMU-14-0028 and Teaching Note: SMU-14-0028TN.

Further case studies pending company approval and legal clearance by Singapore Management University.