Course work and special study (18 credits):

PhD students complete the required coursework before beginning the dissertation. The PhD Curriculum requires 9 credits of Research Foundation (3 methodology courses which are 3 credits each) and 9 credits of Management related courses of your choice from our schedule offered courses. In addition, toward the end of their course work, PhD students take special study of 3 credits.

I- Doctoral-Level Methodology Courses (3-credit each):

Management Research Design & Methodology

Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis

Quantitative Data Analysis for Management Research


II- Knowledge Building Courses:  

A- MBA Core Courses, 3-credit each:

SM80.1706 Managerial Economics

SM80.1707 Managing Technology and Innovation

SM80.1702 Business Analytics for Management Decisions

SM80.1708 Marketing Management

SM80.1701 Accounting for Decision-Making

SM80.1705 Leadership and Organization Management

SM80.1709 Operations Management

SM80.1710 Strategy and Corporate Sustainability

SM80.1703 Corporate Finance

SM80.1704 Entrepreneurship and New Ventures


B- MBA Elective Courses:

Chosen from a list of electives course offered by SOM in a particular semester


III- Research Specialization Perspective (3 credits):

The special study (SS) is a 3-credit study in the area of specialization. The student works with his/her supervisor on a topic of interest. It will be tailor-made to the student’s research focus, and will require understanding and a critical review of the theories and research in the field of specialization.

The special study report is usually part of the Advancement to Candidacy (ATC) report (i.e., the special study report can be used as literature review chapter in the ATC report). Students may take this special study on their 3rd semester. The special study has to be graded in the end of the semester. Students can also pass their ATC immediately after the SS report is evaluated.


IV- Dissertation (66 credits)


The dissertation is self-study and does involve any formal coursework. Students are expected to meet with their supervisor regularly during the dissertation development.