DBA Program Structure

DBA Program Structure:

 Total of 84 credits consist of 21 credits of course work, 3 credits of special study, and 60 credits dissertation:

I- Course work            = 21 credits (made up of 9-credits of methodology courses & 12-credits of knowledge building), usually within the first 5 terms (two semesters)

II- Special Study         = 3 credits

III- Dissertation          = 60 credits

Total    = 84 credits

DBA Degree Requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 21 credits coursework (usually within the first year; i.e., 2 semesters or 5 terms), with a minimum cGPA of 3.50. For DBA students who previously completed the MBA or equivalent Master Degree may apply for “Transfer of Credits” for up to 9 credits of relevant coursework. However, these credits should meet AIT criteria for credits transfer (e.g., equivalent to graduate courses at AIT, completed within the last five years). Transfer of credits for the DBA program is done through ‘Credit by Examination.”
  • Complete a Special Study (SS) of 3 credits (usually within the 3rd semester or 7th term)
  • Pass your advancement to candidacy (ATC), usually in the end of your 3rd semester or end of the 7th term (after submitting your SS report).
  • Complete a doctoral dissertation (60 credits) and defend it at an oral examination, and
  • Obtain a satisfactory evaluation of the dissertation from the External Examiner.

DBA Study Schedule (Timetable):

  • Year 1 (by the end of the 5th term): Requires a minimum of 21 credits of coursework at AIT.
  • Year 2 (6th term): In the 3rd semester (or 6th term), students register special study (3-credits) and dissertation credits. The special study should prepare the student to pass his/her ATC. The student may pass the SS in the end of the 7th or 8th See page 3 for more information about both the special study SS and ATC).
  • By the end of 3rd semester (or 7th term) students pass their advancement to candidacy (ATC). The ATC is basically a DBA research proposal defense (a qualification exam conducted by the DBA student program committee). Students cannot take their ATC exam unless they finish their 24 credits of coursework with a cGPA of not less than 3.50. The ATC exam should be on:
    • Full-time – 3rd semester (7th term)
    • Non-resident – 4th semester (10th term)
    • Part-time – 6th semester (15th term)
    • In the 4th semester (8th term), full-time students start their dissertation research

If the student did not pass his/her ATC exam, the student will be put on probation (automatic). Two consecutive probations will mean dismissal.

  • Year 3: (5th & 6th semester or 11th to 15th Term) – dissertation research.

Towards the end of each semester (starting from the YEAR 1), every semester (end of March and October terms), full-time students have to submit a progress report and present their progress to the committee members in a formal meeting. There is no need for such a meeting when the student is on course work, but a progress report has to be submitted.


DBA Program Schedule

  • DBA Program is offered in 5 Terms: Aug, Oct, Jan, Mar and June.
  • DBA Program is a Full-Time or Flexible program depending on the applicants.
  • DBA Program is delivered in Weekend in Bangkok Campus.
  • The Research Methodology Courses and Special study are unique to doctoral programs.
  • The Knowledge Building Courses will be aligned to MBA required or elective courses.